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Empty Stage

This functional Yupik dance mask tells the story of a heart healed through forgiveness and grace, both within ourselves and to those around us. This is a place I seek after, through both hardship and joy. May this artwork be an encouragement to continue the deep works within, so that others would experience peace through you.


Made with Spruce Wood, Basswood, Feathers, Synthetic Sinew, Milk Paint, and Rare Earth Pigments (gathered from Nelson Island and the Yukon River, Alaska; applied using ancient technique passed down)


Measurements in inches roughly: 19 x 21 x 5.5


Shipping Costs - are built into the price of sale, and includes custom art packaging.

International Orders - additional shipping costs may apply for related Export and Import Fees

Peace Within

  • This is an original one of a kind artwork, designed and created by David John Angaiak.

    Angaiak Fine Art / David John Angaiak is not liable for third party damages.

    Copyright for this art peice will be retained by David John Angaiak.

    All sales are final.

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