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Empty Stage

Depicting a hungry party checking a salmon net lazyly drifting off shore...seals, a joy to some and the bane of others.


As a little boy I dreamt of the time I would be old enough to attend my very first ‘mug up’ at Pederson Point, the salmon cannery my grandparents sold their fish to. The morning smells of coffee, eggs, bacon, and the coveted pastries are glorious to a hungry soul, cannery workers and fishermen enjoyed them alike!  Staples needed to take them through their long summer days and nights working in Bristol Bay, the salmon capital of the world!


Not too far offshore at slack tide, out by the far buoy, another ‘mug up’ takes place along the commercial fishing nets of the drift fleet…a time of nourishment and rest for another lover of salmon, who is equally cunning, playful, and determined as anyone who claims the title fisherman.


The original work was created using paper, ink, and coffee.


Print signed by the artist David John Angaiak.


Available in 3 sizes: 6x8, 8x10, 11x14


Shipping Costs - are built into the price of sale, and includes custom art packaging.

International Orders - additional shipping costs may apply for related Export and Import Fees

Mug Up - Print Only

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