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Not too far offshore at slack tide, out by the far buoy, a ‘mug up’ of sorts takes place along the commercial fishing nets of the drift fleet.  A time of nourishment and rest for another lover of Salmon, Seal...who is equally cunning, playful, and determined as anyone who claims the title Fisherman.


‘Mug up’ is the term my grandparents used to describe break time at the fishing canneries of Bristol Bay Alaska.  A moment to grab a Cup Of Joe (coffee), take a load off, and poke fun before the long hours under the Midnight Sun start up again during the commercial fishing season.


Each frame is crafted in my studio using Cherry wood, with Oak reinforced accented corners.  Cherry wood ages naturally, transforming into a rich deep reddish brown, providing a very refined finish over time.


The print is protected using museum quality acrylic glazing, with an anti-glare finish, allowing your art to be placed in varying light conditions throughout a room.


Framed prints include a paper cover added to the back of the frame, protecting your artwork from dust buildup.  Felt pads are added to each corner to keep the frame off of the wall, which provides airflow behind the artwork for a healthy environment.  I utilize an art wire mount system, allowing you to hang and level the artwork with ease.


Print signed by the artist David John Angaiak.


Framed Dimensions: 16 7/8" x 20 7/8" x 1 1/2"


Includes: Anti-Glare Clear Acrlyic Panel, Custom Frame, Art Print, Art Mat, Paper Backing, Hanging Hardware


Shipping Costs - are built into the price of sale, and includes custom art packaging.

International Orders - additional shipping costs may apply for related Export and Import Fees

'Mug Up' - Framed

All prints are custom ordered through a local fine art printing company, please allow 14 days for processing.

    Framed prints are custom made by the artist.  Allow one week for fabrication.

    David John Angaiak / Angaiak Fine Art is not liable for damages caused by third party.

    Copyright for each piece will be retained by David John Angaiak.

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